Websites for Education

The start of their
education journey

Your website is where your future students, and their families, are first introduced to your school. Whether K-12 or tertiary, we help educational organizations harness their unique story and connect with the students of tomorrow.

SEO Optimized

Whenever and wherever your audience searches, they’ll find you.

Responsive Design

Your audience can engage with you and your website, no matter their device.

SMS Integration

Integration with Student Management Systems and other key school administrative systems.

Enrolment Forms

The first step in becoming a student. We help make it intuitive and beautiful.

Enquiries Capture

A potential student should be captured and connected with. We help build the forms for this key moment and integrate with your CRM.

Custom Forms

Whether a never-changing contact form, or a once-off excursion form, we give you the ability to create and send them from your website as you need.

Payment Gateways

Integration with your payment gateway of choice means you can collect fees and funds all while giving users a unified experience.

XHQ Integration

Deep integration with our core XHQ platform, bringing you the value of 13+ years of digital community experience.

Rich Content Creation

Every school has a unique story to tell and information to share. We provide a content editing experience that enables your team to create, edit, and publish with confidence.

Featured Work

A Mind for Life

Caulfield Grammar

Caulfield Grammar are one of Australia's most prestigious private schools. The redesign, build, and launch of their school website was a major piece of the wider digital revival their undertook with XHQ in 2019.

Unique, yet unified.

Berkeley University

We worked with Berkeley to provide each of their faculties with a design and website building platform that allowed them to create unique faculty spaces, all while keeping them inline with the larger organization brand.