The Vault


The Vault is a virtual store that contains exclusive collectibles that can be purchased using their XHQ credits.

Credits are earned through Bounties or any other way you’d like to reward those credits. We recommend making these items limited-run and very exclusive to encourage timely engagement in the community to earn credits.


Give your community a place to engage directly with one another around the topics they’re most passionate about.

Create buzz

Realtime chat creates a sense of “aliveness” for your community that no other tool can provide.


Allow your community to find like-minded people who share their passions and interests more easily than any other portal.

Recommended Support Squad


This person will be responsible for updating The Vault with your new items. Your community manager can be a good fit, or <a href="#">Hire a Squadmate</a> to help guide you.


This person is responsible for producing and sending out your items to your community. Your marketing or swag team can be a good fit, or work with our approved partners who will simplify and fully automate the production and distribution experience.


This person will come up with designs for new collectibles to add to The Vault. Your design team can be a good fit, or <a href="#">Hire a Squadmate</a> to help guide you.


Unboxing The Vault

The Vault was designed to easily integrate with various swag solutions, while also being a simple-to-manage virtual store. We unbox all of The Vault’s features below to help you get started.

Every Vault item shows you avatars of who has purchased that item. Knowing Dan has that shirt and you don’t is kind of a big deal ;)
Although every item in The Vault is meant to be exclusive and limited edition, you can create even more tiers of bragging rights by giving your items a rarity (Common, Rare, Legendary, etc.).
Our approved partners make it simple to set up automated production and shipping of every item so you can be hands off. Don’t want to design items either? We can handle that for you, too, and help you create items your community will be clawing for.
Beyond exclusive collectibles, The Vault can also be a place where your community can redeem their credits for sponsored charitable donations. You can let them choose any charity, or spotlight specific charities you want to support (or both!).