Bounties are challenges designed to help energize your community by doing more of the things that make them come alive.

Bounties are nano-experiences. They encourage students to engage in behaviour that can be measured and form part of the recipe for a successful community life.


Energize your community and elevate engagement numbers.


Increase the amount of content and knowledge shared in and by your community.


Challenge and motivate your community to live a more energized life.


Types of Bounties

Bounties can be solo or for the team - making them a great way to establish a sense of belonging


Academic Bounties align with the course that the student is studying


Wellbeing Bounties focus on the total health - social, physical, financial, mental - and are custom depending on the demographic of the student.


Industry Bounties are sponsored by workforce partners and can range from community service to work experience.


How Bounties work

  1. 1 Bounties can be created by staff, industry partners, clubs, and even students and work best when they tie into both the curriculum and season.
  2. 2 Bounties are completed by sharing the result back to the community.
  3. 3 Bounties can be awarded either by staff or by the community itself.
  4. 4 When someone earns a bounty they receive a digital badge that becomes part of their living portfolio. Bounties can also earn points.
  5. 5 A collection of bounties can be strung together to form a gauntlet. These are recipes of experiences that can be promoted to individuals, groups, or everyone. For example a gauntlet geared towards bringing at risk students back on track..


The Bounties Library

A library of bounties is developed which can be drawn upon.

x 3


Door Hunter

Find a place you’ve never been (cafe, shop, etc.). Go there, and share a photo of the door in <a>#LightYourFire</a> as a reminder to keep exploring to stay energized.

x 1



Get energized by attending the next University-X Wolfpack basketball game. Take a selfie at the game with a Wolfpack shirt on and share in <a>#Wolfpack</a>.

x 1


The Foodie

Find a restaurant you’ve never been to. Go there, share a photo of your meal and leave a review in <a>#foodies</a>.

x 3


Game Night

Invite your dorm-mates over for a game night (board, video, etc.). Take a selfie and share it in <a>#gamers</a>.

x 1


Fired Up

Read the first three chapters of a non-fiction book you’ve never read. Share something from it in <a>#readers</a> that inspired and sparked a flame in you.

x 1


Share Your Flame

Offer your help to mentor someone in any of the <a>#mentor</a>- channels. Discover the energy that comes from serving others.

Recommended Support Squad


This person will be responsible for being the custodian of bounties.Your community manager can be a good fit, or <a>Hire a Squadmate</a> to help guide you.


Although XHQ comes jam-packed with a ton of custom art for your Bounties, you might want bounties that are even more aligned to your brand. A lead design can be a good fit, or <a>Hire a Squadmate</a> to help make killer looking bounties for you.


Unboxing Bounties

You can categorize your Bounties to make it easier for your community to sort and discover Bounties they’ll truly love.
Bounties can be ‘favorited’ so users can easily keep track of the ones they want to do the most.
The first 3 people to earn a Bounty get their avatars featured on that bounty forever, encouraging engagement. Once a Bounty has been completed three times, it spreads like wildfire.
Bounties can be an even more powerful engagement tool when used with The Vault Spark, giving your community an incentive to complete Bounties to earn coins to use in The Vault rewards store.
Bounties are completed by sharing the result back to the community.